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You're Pregnant! Now What?

You’re Pregnant!! Now What?!

What to Expect During your First Few Prenatal Appointments


Your First Visit

At your first prenatal visit, we will confirm the pregnancy and review important health information.  In our office, the confirmation of pregnancy is done with a urine pregnancy test or a blood test.  You should not expect an ultrasound at your very first visit.  If the ultrasounds are done too early, they aren’t helpful and can cause anxiety and stress unnecessarily!  We will work with you at your first visit to decide when to have you come back for your first ultrasound, however, this is typically done around 8 weeks of pregnancy. 


We will review your medical history and your family’s history and identify any risks for the pregnancy.  If this is not your first pregnancy, we will review your previous pregnancies and delivery details.  We will be sure to make note of any medications you are taking or were taking upon conception.  We will identify if we need to make any adjustments to those medications and review these suggested adjustments with you.


We will orient you to our practice.  We will review pregnancy precautions and the list of safe over the counter medications to take in pregnancy. We will answer any and all questions you might have.


Looking ahead…

At the next visit the initial ultrasound, your first peek at your little bundle, is performed.  This should be able to help us confirm your due date. There will be a series of standard prenatal labs that will test your blood type, screen for infections, and other important information.  You also might have a physical exam if you are due for a pap smear.  


At your 12 week appointment, we will do another ultrasound.  We will also offer genetic testing at this appointment.  It is advised to check to see if you are a carrier of certain genetic disorders to understand the risks that could be possible for your baby.  We also offer testing for the baby, looking at their specific chromosomes, to help rule out some common abnormalities.With this, we can also find out the baby's gender.  These results typically take 10-14 business days to get back.  This is all done with just a blood sample from you! 


See you soon!

We are honored to be chosen to care for each and every mommy and baby that walk through our doors.


Amanda Murphy, PA-C Amanda Murphy, PA-C Amanda Murphy, PA-C is a board-certified Physician Assistant at Premier OB-Gyn with offices in Maitland and Oviedo, Florida. Amanda was born and raised in Palm Harbor, Florida. She attended Florida State University and obtained her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. Amanda’s brother received a life-saving heart and double lung transplant, which shaped Amanda’s goals for her future. She attended the University of Texas Medical Branch and obtained her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies. Amanda was the president of her class and involved in several organizations on campus. Amanda practiced Pulmonary Critical Care for nearly three years where she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. She always had a passion for Women’s Health and started working in OB/Gyn, and completely fell in love with providing care for women. She enjoys delivering care to women of all ages and stages of life. She and her husband, Brendan, have two beautiful little girls named Abigail and Paige.

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