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Discharge: What's normal?

Vaginal discharge is normal!


Every person with a vagina has vaginal discharge. You may be wondering what is normal. Everyone's discharge is different. Some have almost none, while others can have enough to be noticable in their underwear. The amount of discharge can also change during the menstrual cycle. 


What is normal and not normal vaginal discharge?


Here are the typical characteristics of normal vaginal discharge:

 - It appears clear to white in your underwear; and

 - There is no odor, itching, burning, or pain

You should see your doctor about your discharge when:

 - It has a foul "fishy" odor

 - You experience itching, burning, or pain

 - Your discharge is an abnormal color


Tips on how to keep your vaginal discharge normal

 - Avoid using anything scented in the vaginal or vulvar area

 - Clean with warm water or a very mild soap (unscented only) on the vulva (outside) only

 - Warm water is the best cleanser

 - Avoid any over-the-counter feminine hygiene products, even ones that are "pH balanced"

 - Avoid use of panty-liners or switch to pure organic cotton liners (unbleached, unscented)

 - Avoid prolonged wear of athletic wear

 - Avoid douching of any kind

 - Avoid bubble baths, hot baths, or chemically treated water

 - Switch to unscented laundry detergent and avoid use of fabric softener or dryer sheets

 - Use non-latex condoms

 - Use non-scented personal lubricants

 - Urinate within 15 minutes after intercourse

 - Make sure to wipe from front to back when using the restroom

 - Avoid the use of wipes after using the restroom and use unscented toliet paper

 - Clean any sexual toys with unscented soaps and clean between each use 


Don't use over-the-counter products for your vaginal discharge


There are many over-the-counter products advertised to help with vaginal odor and discharge. These products are unnecessary and in many cases, can cause irritation and infection. We recommend against the use of ANY over-the-counter cleansing products except for gentle, unscented soaps if absolutely necessary. Warm water is all you need to use in the vast majority of cases.


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Allison Bradley-Amore, DO, FACOOG Allison Bradley-Amore, D.O., F.A.C.O.O.G. is a Board-Certified OB-Gyn physician who joined Premier OB-Gyn in 2018. Dr. Bradley-Amore is originally from Groveland, Massachusetts, a small town north of Boston. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Davidson College in North Carolina and earned her Master of Science degree from Tufts University in Boston. She received her doctoral degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2014. She was elected Chief Resident of the University of Central Florida’s Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Osceola Medical Center. She is a huge Disney fan and can be found exploring Walt Disney World during her time off.

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